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We have a group of multi-talented honest hard working musicians that have a passion and a love for music ! Along with them they bring a background worth writing about here you'll find a brief Bio of their many talents and instruments they play.

James "J.J" Hopkins - Keyboards, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Percussion & Recording Technician
James is currently recording material from his own studio (Ives Recording Studios) having not played with a band in over 20+ years he has regained the passion that once drove him, his last band "Reknowned Force" was a local to the Tri-State area. Having travelled to Nashville to learn the ins & outs of recording with multiple recording artist such as the late Tammy Wynette. Growing in the Martinsburg, WV area he became friends with many of the area artist that have went on to make it big at some point in thier career. James began his musical journey when his mother who played alongside the great Patsy Cline in the local pubs handed down her "Red & White" Fender Stratocaster "Signature" guitar at the age of 16, he picked up a classic Ludwig Drum kit from a friend in a trade deal so to speak and so began the love of percussion, becoming bored with that scene he then began playing an old Magnus Organ that his grandmother had sitting around at the ripe age of 18 beginning the new love of the keyboards !
Eric Sisk - Bass Guitars, Acoustic Guitar
Mike Hollinshead - Drums, Percussion, Acoustic Guitar
Brian McGonigal - Electric Guitar, Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Chris "Str1ker" Bound - Vocals, Bass Guitars, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Keyboard, Clarinet, Saxophone
Chris is currently the Bassist for the band Unwound and her number one priority is with tat band she does however help us when she can, with over 30+ plus years of playing & touring under her belt she once travelled 3,000 miles to play a venue in L.A. Chris's favorite bands are Pink Floyd, Rush & Vanhalen to name just a few. Chris began her career at the age of 4 with a guitar and keys, added the clarinet when she turned 11, played the saxophone and flute at age 16 & the bass at 22, etc., etc...

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